Project Management

Project Air Conditioning Ltd engineers have endergone extensive training and adhere to the standard guidlines of the Princes Trust

As a project managers our first consultation will determine what is the optimum system for your particlular enterprise. Our step-by-step formulation starts initially with; area, practicality, expenditure and system suitability.


After our initial consultation we develop a three stage process of development which is a draft illustrating all apects of design together with our engineers.

The final draft is to assertain all aspects and design particulars.

Any ammendment at this stage can be addressed and finalised.

We can clearly illustrate our intentions with the use of pye and gant charts.


We will create an appropriate presentation over a 30-40 minute period in order to deliver all of the preliminary details of our plan. There will be time for our clients to ask questions so that any suitable ammendments can be talked about before we head towards your final brief.


Our project production is characterized by a comprehensive sets of activities that must be delivered at critical time intervals and in a particular order within the given period and within the estimated expenditure.

This can be delivered to our clients in a meaningful plan so that it is easy to understand and so that any potential "bottle necks" can be clearly identified and removed before we begin any implementation.